Monday, August 17, 2009

Quote of the day

"What's surprising to me is that this language ever managed to achieve widespread use - but I guess it's just another example of how you can break a whole bunch of precious rules and the sky doesn't necessarily fall in. Software is full of people declaiming their 'thou shalt not' lists, and right across the street there's another bunch of people breaking those very rules quite profitably."
-- Daniel Earwicker


Sundar said...

Classic example of out of context quoting - the quote is by a person who did not know whether his own complaint was true and was immediately shown to be wrong.

Perl is hated by a lot of people, but mostly for the wrong reasons due to poor understanding of what underlies the language.

Dave Herman said...

I wasn't interested in the Perl-bashing.

Square Root of 10 said...

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michael said...