Sunday, March 23, 2008

Makefile for HUnit tests

Here's a nice idiom for running HUnit tests from a Makefile. Jesse Tov gave me the idea that you can use make's dependencies to test only modules that have changed since the last time you ran the tests. Pick a standard name for each module's tests--tests, say--and make sure it's defined in the first column (since we'll be searching for it with a simple grep). Every time we test a module, we'll touch a dummy file of the same name in some hidden directory--call it .test. So we have two lists of files, the modules of the application and the test dummy files:
SOURCES := $(wildcard *.hs) $(wildcard *.lhs)
TESTS := $(foreach src,$(SOURCES),.test/$(src))
To run the tests, first we collect the list of modified modules and save the names of their tests (Foo.tests, Bar.tests, etc.) in a temporary file .test/args.
.test/%hs: %hs
@if grep '^tests ' $< > /dev/null 2>&1 ; then \
touch $@ ; \
echo $* | sed -e 's/\..*/.tests/' >> .test/args ; \
Now every time we run the tests, we first make a fresh .test/args file, and then we run GHC with a command-line option to evaluate an expression that runs those tests:
test: teststart $(TESTS)
@echo ghc Test -e "\" [ `xargs -a .test/args | tr ' ' ','` ]\""
@ghc Test -e " [ `xargs -a .test/args | tr ' ' ','` ]"

@mkdir -p .test
@$(RM) -f .test/args
@touch .test/args
It's also useful to have a target that always runs all the tests:
retest: testclean test

$(RM) -rf .test
This assumes the existence of a simple test harness module:
module Test (run) where
import Test.HUnit
run :: [Test] -> IO ()
run ts = (runTestTT $ TestList ts) >> (return ())

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offby1 said...

Yikes, that sure seems kludgeaceous. Why are we still using "make"? (I know, I know: because nothing better exists.)