Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Compiling to JavaScript

Treating JavaScript as a back-end for a compiler is becoming more and more popular. Here are some examples of compilers that already target JavaScript:
This has come up in some of the ECMA-TG1 discussions, and I think some of Edition 4 will help compiler writers, in particular proper tail calls. On the other hand, I'm not sure whether "compiling X to JavaScript" is always a priori a net gain.

Some of these compilers are more toys than anything else: people always get a kick out of translating idioms between languages. That's fun, if a little boring after a while. But a lot of these tools are aiming at building abstractions for web programming, which is much more ambitious.

If you can properly build an abstraction on top of the many incompatibilities and low-level details of web platforms, then the abstraction is probably appropriate. But without a model for the "ideal" behavior of web browsers as approximated by each of the real ones, then the abstraction is likely to be either crippled or flawed. In this case, adding this layer of indirection may actually be maddeningly difficult to work with when it fails. If it's too simplistic, you'll eventually have to give up and drop down to the lower layer. This might be fine, if there are "trap doors" -- such as a foreign interface to JavaScript -- that allow the programmer to dip into the lower level when necessary. But if the abstractions have flaws in them, debugging will have become worse than before, because it involves debugging through the extra level of abstraction, wading through generated code, understanding the compatibility layer, etc.

I still think these abstractions are an important goal, but the hard part isn't the compilers. It's understanding the models, i.e., the implicit specifications for web browsers. Apparently Ian Hickson has done a lot of great work compiling empirical data about the behavior of existing web browsers to infer the implicit specs for web standards. This kind of work is messy and tedious, but important.


Anonymous said...

Pugs, the Perl 6 compiler, is also targetting JavaScript.

Unknown said...

You could add sml to your list

Unknown said...

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Artem said...

Don't forget Haskell Javascript backend: http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/Yhc

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