Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Semanticist's cookbook

Is this a dumb idea? I'd like to create a semantic modeling wiki where people can describe various techniques for modeling different kinds of programs, programming languages, and programming language features mathematically. Sort of a clearinghouse or cookbook for semantics. It could feature links to literature, and various categorizations so that people could find recipes by following different paths. For example, a reader might discover the exception monad by alternatively searching for control features, or error handling, or denotational modeling, or monads, etc.

Perhaps a better-designed database would be more organized, but I think wikis are good for continuously reorganizing, as well as for community contribution.

The Semanticist's Cookbook. I like it!

Update: Stubbed at http://semanticscookbook.org.

Update: Maybe I'll install a wiki another time but I don't have time for this now.


Jacob Matthews said...

Sounds good to me. I've even got hosting if you want it, just drop me a line.

It's maybe worth pointing out that the twelf folks have their own wiki for a similar purpose, and that seems to work well for them.

Anonymous said...

maybe you could just use wikicities.com and set up the domain to point there.
Great idea, anyway.

Susan said...

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