Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Java, we don't care about you

Joel Spolsky pretty much nails it.

I actually grabbed a screen shot of this very same dialog box some time last year because it was so absurd. The part that always amazes me is why people think customers are going to care about their product as much as they do. It seems to me that I'm more likely to be loyal to a technology brand that shows a little humility and restraint.


Pete Kirkham said...

No, it's a cunning ploy which worked for me this time.

1/ Present a screen that the user reads but isn't worth reading. User clicks OK.

2/ Repeat with further screens until user gets used to clicking OK.

3/ Present a screen which says it will install extra crap (Yahoo toolbar). User presses OK without reading.

User then has to uninstall said toolbar.

Anonymous said...

Dave, re macros in languages with a more pseudo-codey non-scheme languages. What do you make of Dylan in terms of syntax and the power/utility of the macro system.