Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Formalizing JavaScript

Last week I gave a talk at the UCSC Software Engineering Seminar entitled Formalizing JavaScript.* I talked about the approach I've been taking to specifying the operational semantics of JavaScript, in terms of both the formal approach to the model and the engineering of the executable model.
*You'll probably want a better cursive font than Comic Sans MS, such as Monotype Corsiva, Textile, or one of the Chancery fonts.
Update: I've written up some notes to accompany the talk as well.


Anonymous said...


These look like good slides, in that you're explaining just one thing on each slide and not trying to cram a lot of splintery information down my throat, as some presenters do.

But, just reading them on my own, I wasn't able to understand them at all. Do you have anything like a paper that I can read?

Dave Herman said...

Thanks, Ezra. At the moment I don't have any paper of my own on the topic, but for the time being I'd recommend Mitch Wand's very readable lecture notes or Matthias Felleisen and Matthew Flatt's monograph (longer). Slide 29 has the relevant links.

Thank you for the feedback. I should put together a brief summary of each slide, since they aren't all self-explanatory.

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